Dental Clinic in Turkey

Notre Clinique

  • Our dental clinic contains high-tech equipment (modern dental chair, machine for taking digital panoramic radio, laser Sirona, oral camera, etc.) Our clinic performs all kinds of dental care at high quality using modern equipment. (crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, prostheses, dental surgery – bone grafting, sinus lifting, cosmetic dentistry, gum care etc.).

Our medical team will take your budget into consideration to provide you with the most suitable solution for your health. We offer you all possible solutions to meet your demands and expectations as much as possible.

  • We know that you come from different foreign countries for your treatments and you are worried when you return to your country. With ANTALYA HEALTHY, you can perform your treatment safely and without stress.
  • We can use special anesthesia – sedation for our patients with dentist phobia. In this way, our patients can perform their treatments without experiencing stress or pain during treatment. In this way, patients perform calmer and stress-free treatments instead of remembering bad memories. The advantages of this method are fast action, quick removal, harmless (great advantage over general anesthesia).
  • We have the doctors who specialize in implantology and sinus operations, the surgeons. We have dentists who specialize in prosthetic care (crowns, bridges, prostheses) and dental aesthetics (veneers, bleaching).
  • Our doctors attended many seminars in Europe and America with Turkey and abroad to learn a new way of treating and equipment details. In this way, our medical team is always aware of new techniques and high quality equipment in the field of dentistry.

Our Laboratory

  • Our dental laboratory is close to our clinic in order to save time during the production of crowns, bridges, veneers and prostheses. All our equipment is suitable for current treatments and procedures. It has all the necessary certificates.
  • We have a new generation of machines for the production of crowns (these are machines that produce crowns using a laser based on computer generated 3D models). Our laboratory personnel are experienced and talented in their fields. Our dental technicians often attend seminars to learn / experience the latest technologies and up-to-date products.


Dt. Alparslan Belin

Uzm. Dr. Musa KARTÖZ